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With detailed business analytics, predictive profit and loss statements, and line-item invoicing you can understand your company better and make getting money from your clients easier.

Create Estimates With Ease

With ProServe Software you can quickly create estimates that keep yourself organized and impress your client. Start by using custom sections that allow you to organize your job items into categories. Easily insert individual job items that can be dragged and reorganized into different sections. Tie your individual job items to crews and send out work orders with the click of a button.

Gain a 360° View of All of Your Jobs

With the dashboard you have an overview of every job separated by needs estimate, approved, in progress, and complete. View the job cards to get a quick look at which jobs need attention with the visual color indicators. Never drop a ball again by taking a daily look. To view more detailed information on each job all you have to do is click on a job card.

Keep Your Customers Happy With the Client Portal

Within your client page, you have the ability to send your client an invitation to view their client portal. The portal is where the client can see the estimate, the status of job items, and whatever items you choose for them to see. On your job page, easily hide and show any documents you want to ensure you keep your clients up to speed. This is an easy way for your client to see before, during, and after pictures, download invoices, and know that you are on top of things.

Keep Your Employees Accountable

ProServe Software makes it easy for admins to quickly view project managers’ jobs and see if they are running smoothly. Admin’s dashboard shows every job within the company as well as color-marked indicators if there are any issues. Admins can filter by project manager, estimator, client, or crew and see everything about a job including individual client communications, statuses of job items if the job is overdue and much more. You can track individual project managers’ profitability, whether you want to know about one job, one client, or all jobs for a specific time period. This is a great way to see how they are performing overall and if there is a problem with their process that needs help.