Manage projects with ease

Use the job dashboard, data retention, team and vendor management, and the task management system to be certain your jobs are running smoothly across all levels.

From the dashboard to your task list to the gantt chart, ProServe Software automation helps you keep tabs on all of your jobs.

Gain a 360° view of all of your jobs

With the dashboard you have an overview of every job separated by needs estimate, approved, in progress, and complete. View the job cards to get a quick look at which jobs need attention with the visual color indicators. Never drop a ball again by taking a daily look. To view more detailed information on each job all you have to do is click on a job card.

Comprehensive data retention

All parts of every job are documented by ProServe Software. Everything from client communications, estimates, work orders, change orders, vendor invoices, and much more is kept inside the job log. Our goal is for you to always have documentation to cover your company in case of a misunderstanding with a client or crew. You can also easily add pictures, invoices, or other documents to client emails inside the software. Our software gives you the option to hide certain events in the job log from your client to have complete control on the project.

Easily dispatch and manage labor

When you create all of your job items for an estimate, they will auto populate in the job timeline. The timeline is an interactive Gantt chart that helps you plan how a job is going to be executed. Easily schedule crews for certain days and send work orders to all crews by just pressing “Publish Pending Changes”. You can make sure job items don’t overlap by adding forced gaps between items. If a work order is needed, all you have to do is drag the job item to the new dates and publish changes again and a new updated work order will be sent to your crew upon client approval. When work is completed by a vendor, mark the job item completed to automatically pay them.

Two ways to Invoice:
Line Item Invoicing or Draw Schedule

Some companies invoice as line items are completed. Some companies invoice on a draw schedule. Some companies do both.

ProServe Software allows you to chose your path for each job. You can select line items and invoice them individually to ensure you are paying your crews at the same rate that you are invoicing your clients. OR if you want to create a draw schedule, plan as many as you want and schedule them for when they should be due. The software will prompt you with a reminder when it is time to send the next draw request!

Have a Change Order? ProServe Software will ensure all scope changes will be accounted for if you are on a draw schedule. A large red bar will prompt you to balance the draw schedule. No more clients owing you a large portion of your money at the end of the job.

Task management system

Are you tired of having to remember everything you have to do for every job? ProServe Software automates tasks like next client contact, estimate due dates, and important crew dates so that you don’t have to overload your brain trying to keep it all in your head. Aside from the automated tasks, you can create your own tasks for any job. Keep your job going smoothly, your client happy, and your head clear by utilizing our task management system.