Streamline your estimating process.

With ProServe Software create highly customizable estimates, save estimate templates, view your profitability before completing a quote, and easily add and manage change orders.

Estimate creation with ease

With ProServe Software you can quickly create estimates that keep yourself organized and impress your client. Start by using custom sections that allow you to organize your job items into categories. Easily insert individual job items that can be dragged and reorganized into different sections. Tie your individual job items to crews and send out work orders with the click of a button. One screen to create an estimate, send out work orders, complete and pay labor, and create invoices for your clients. It doesn’t get easier.

Save time with custom templates

When creating estimates, save time by creating templates for common job items that quickly allow you to insert a job item name, description, labor/ material costs, and charge to client. When you are ready to email the estimate to your client, you can create and use custom email templates. Whether it is informing a client of a change order, sending out an estimate, or just updating on a job, save time by having emails already prepared.

Know your profit

Most estimating software uses “Mark-Up” to calculate what you should charge. You enter $100 for labor and put 30% for the profit you want to make – your software then creates a charge for your client at $130. But, when you are making $30 and charging $130, you are making only 23% profit – 7% lower than you thought you were charging. Our software allows you to enter your desired profit margin, ensuring you make the right amount on each job item. The job item page allows you to see the running profit margin of each item as well as the entire job, allowing you to stay on top of your desired profit.

Change order management

If the inevitable change order happens, make it easier on you, your client, and your crew with ProServe Software’s change order system. When you create a change order in our software, it automatically is placed into a change order section and is marked as pending. Send just this change order to your client for approval. Once it is approved, you are prompted to document the approval – an extra layer of protection for you. 

ProServe Quotes

ProServe Quotes is our dual-purpose smartphone app. ProServe Alliance contractors use the app as an extension of the software to quickly and efficiently build estimates onsite. Also, Quotes is available for download by anyone allowing homeowners and potential clients to use the app to build out their own quotes. We then connect these clients with Alliance partners that are in their area. 

Since our goal is to build your company, these leads are free to any high-performing Alliance member. To download, search your App Store for “ProServe Quotes”.