Complete Control,
no micro-management.

Set your company up for success by setting user roles in the software, keeping track of employee’s job status, getting notifications when your employee takes an action that you need to know about, and understanding each employees profitability.

Whether you are a single person operation, or you have 30 employees, our software is your foundation for growth.

Set users roles to organize your staff

For the businesses with employees we make it easy to set user roles within your staff to give access to different parts of the software. Separate out your admins, project managers, and office manager to keep your business running smoothly. Whether your head of department assigns different jobs pre or post estimate, our software makes it easy to keep your company running smoothly

Keep your employees accountable

ProServe Software makes it easy for admins to quickly view project managers jobs and see if they are running smoothly. Admin’s dashboard shows every job within the company as well as color marked indicators if there is any issues. Admins can filter by project manager, estimator, client, or crew and see everything about a job including individual client communications, statuses of job items, if the job is over due, and much more. You can track individual project managers profitability, whether you want to know about one job, one client, or all jobs for a specific time period. This a great way to see how they are performing overall and if there is a problem with their process that needs help.

Descriptive job cards on Dashboard allow for quick identification of problems

As you expand your operations, one of the hardest tasks is keeping an eye on everything. Our dashboard is designed to give you a visual of all open jobs and, if an issue is spotted on a specific job, quickly dive deep into that specific job to identify the needs and support your project manager. The processes we teach, along with the software’s layout, allows you to carefully watch every job without micromanaging your project managers. With all the information captured by ProServe Software we suggest having an end of the week meeting with project managers to make sure all of their jobs are up to date. With the right hires, our software will allow your employees to effectively run their jobs with minimal oversight. This, at its most basic level, is how to duplicate within your company and grow successfully.