Keep your clients happy

Make sure your clients are informed with the personalized client portal, communications reminders, and automated emails.

Keep Your Customers Happy With the Client Portal

Within your client page, you have the ability to send your client an invitation to view their client portal. The portal is where the client can see the estimate, the status of job items, and whatever items you choose for them to see. On your job page, easily hide and show any documents you want to ensure you keep your clients up to speed. This is an easy way for your client to see before, during, and after pictures, download invoices, and know that you are on top of things.

Proactive Client Communication:

Are you tired of needy clients constantly asking you for updates or more information about a job? Be proactive with your customers with ProServe Software’s client communication features. Our Next Client Contact button allows you to ‘set it and forget it’ with communication. Each job has a prompt to fill in a date for your next client contact. This date creates a task on your dashboard that pops up on the date you selected. Completing the task prompts you to fill in the next client contact date. Forget keeping everything in your head!

The job dashboard allows you to easily add updates to your job log as well as automatically keep the job log up-to-date whenever an important action happens on the job. If you manage project managers, you can keep tabs on how often they are communicating with clients. 

Make communication easier with custom email templates that you can create for all common email situations. If you can answer your clients questions before they have them, it will lead to less management on the job overall.