Alliance Partnership​

This partnership is a cheat code for companies ready to take it to the next level. With the ProServe Software as your structure, coupled with our custom built support, the sky is the limit for you. Our unique ability to show you our proven processes and procedures, then guide you through integrating them with your current company’s processes, is how this partnership returns your investment 10x.

Our Signature Partnership.

Blueprinting Session

Access to an introductory blueprinting session with our executive team where we dive deep into your goals and objectives for the next year. 

Annual Planning Retreat

This 3 day retreat is a deep dive into the past 12 months of your company – what you’ve done well, what you’ve done wrong, and what needs to change. Then we look at the next 12 months of your company and put together a gameplan of how you will get to the next level. This retreat is a game changer for companies that attend. When was the last time you dedicated 3 days for focused business development and planning while also connecting with other growing contractors and treating yourself to some fun and adventure?

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Quarterly Trainings

Free admission to quarterly training seminars that cover our foundational teachings developed over years of experience.

Webinars and Group Consultations

At the end of every educational campaign we host a webinar focused on questions related to the topic, implementation of discussed skills, and overall group consultation.

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